DWTS: 200th Episode

1 11 2010

Is it sad that I can say I’ve seen all 200 episodes of Dancing with the Stars? I’m sure I’m not alone.

So of course, they had to throw a DWTS-style commemorative party…with a bunch of ‘stars’ on hand to pass the torch and relive their former glory. In the crowd, the camera couldnt give them enough face-time. The Hoff, Lips Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Donny Osmond, Bachelor Jake, – the usual suspects.

Then, there were the shows ‘real’ stars…given a more front and centre role of being judges and imparting words of wisdom. People like Gilles Marini, Helio, Kelly O, Emmett Smith, Mel B…etc.

These characters made millions off of the DWTS back. Your votes gave them the high life (again) people! the Apex of their careers…and likely they were paid to return and pay some lip service tonight. Some of them were just there for their extra 6 minutes, or to show off their new faces and bodies (Kelly O, Mel B…ahem)

But let’s get to this seasons dancing, shall we?

  • Rick Fox– gave his girlfriend a cameo, and rocked a green giant suit. But whatever is was, it helped him take on a new personality, loosen up, and give his best dance yet! I liek the nickname, Jolly Green Giant… it fit tonight for sure. This guy is going for it people… Brandy hasnt won this thing yet.
  • Kurt Warriner- is also improving, I just dont know if there’s enough time left for him to become more graceful and less…football in dance shoes. He should take a page from Emmett, another big guy, using his height and strength to carry a dance. Still, I wish I could have him in my family…nice guy.
  • Brandy– Was great tonight. I’m not one to root for the obvious…but she was very elegant and commanding tonight. Maybe it was the leopard print, but she was able to ditch the deer-in-the-headlights expression and really up her game in her sexy number. But she’s with Maks…how hard can that be?
  • Bristol Palin– Did someone get a phone call from her mom last week or something? She has not improved enough to be getting great scores all of a sudden. I dont get it. It was her time to go WEEKS ago, and now, she’s sticking around far past her welcome…in my opinion.
  • Kyle- Is the heart and soul of this competition. He is the most entertaining, and now he’s even started to master the technique. Look out ladies, this teen could be hot on the heels of contention! tonight, he took on MAKS’ role in a Paso…those are some large shoes to fill, but he kinda…rocked it!
  • Jennifer Grey– If I see one more diva “woe is me, I’m 50, I’ve got a bad neck, I’m tired, my body is failing me, It’s past my hourly break, I need a breather” moment…I’m going to have a self induced hernia. But then, all the drama seemed to pay off…because once again, she had the judges pick of the night. She ended the show (which helps) and got the best scores… I can be fair, she was good tonight…I just wish she’s lose the soap opera.

Thoughts on the evening?

The party continues tomorrow night…



2 responses

2 11 2010
L sharer

Time for Bristol ( or possibly Kurt) to go tonight. Of course we’ve seen stranger things happen….thats why we all keep on tunin’ in!

2 11 2010
C Sheppard

something happened last week. The judges have completely changed their approach with Bristol… I smell a rat!
I’m thinking Kurt will go tonight..

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