DWTS: Week 6 Elimination

3 11 2010

If you thought the American election was the most dramatic event on TV last night…you’d be sorely mistaken. The drama at DWTS far outweighed the election spectacle.

I ended up having something to DO last night (to my dismay… since tuesday is a very important TV Night) and I couldnt use DWTS results show as an excuse…it comes across as pathetic to some people. And, turns out, I SHOULD have made the excuse no matter how pathetic it sounded!

First reported, Bristol Palin went home to Mama Palin and the Alaskan frigidity. I was thrilled to hear that the mediocrity had ended.

But that was a false report…sorry…

Instead, the newly minted Jolly Green Giant, Rick Fox, went home in a surprising turn of events! I’m completely speechless and bewildered at this news. I touted him as a contender…and once again, another growing tree falls to the hands of the mighty Alaskan chainsaw (metaphorically speaking) Bristol Palin!

The election is over, but the scandal at DWTS continues. Perhaps I was on the right path by insinuating a political back-story this season that has continually kept Bristol in the competition!? Let me refresh your memory on my theory.

About 2 weeks ago, Bristol graced the stage with another awkward dance that lacked any conviction, and after WEEKS of critical panning and scolding from the judges….they turned a new leaf. They praised her and gave her gushing support. To me, this was an attempt to compensate for the negativity of the previous weeks. Since that episode, Bristol has not raised her game measurably…but still receives fairly high scores from the judges.

My theory? A Call from Mama Palin.

Just sayin…

So another talented dancer goes home, Rick Fox gets the boot.




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