Survivor Nicaragua Recap

3 11 2010

This season, we are getting schooled on the lessons of how NOT to play the game of Survivor.

Exhibit A:

Food Stealing – unoriginal at this stage in the series, and not tolerated…expecially if caught in the act. In this case, Nay steals food, is confronted by the tribe, weaves together a lie…no one believes her. This should be grounds for elimination…we shall see.

Exhibit B:

Strong ones never win– that’s right. The strong ones get voted out before they reach the finals…that’s jus tthe way the game goes. Because, Heaven forbid, the strong Colby/Ethan types make it, becuase as history shows…they will win. So the general school of thought is to eliminate the strong contenders BEFORE they make it to the finals. So quit picking off the weak, insignificant players…it aint smart!

Exhibit C:

Southern/Old People are Darkhorse winners- it’s true. Think Tina vs Colby. Who won that battle? The old, mother-type.

Exhibit D:

Shut Up– seriously, how many games have been lost because of a big mouth at tribal? After THIS many seasons, this should be common knowledge and built into your strategy. Whatever you have to say…Save it for the reunion episode, it’s simply the safest bet.

I keep saying this, but after 20-odd seasons… people still don’t get it right!

Tonight, the food stealer? Didnt go home. The strong player Marty? Didnt go home. The old Southern Mother-type Jane? Didnt go home.

Who went home? Alina ‘the Pawn’…her words.




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