Thursday Night TV Recap

5 11 2010

Remember when thursday night reigned supreme over every other night of television? With must-see shows like Greys Anatomy, CSI and Survivor, it was the highlight of the week.

Well, Survivor has switched timeslots to wednesday night- which arguably makes wednesday night the apex of the week. And Greys Anatomy had lost it’s stride a bit…you know, with the ghost-sex and the new interns.

But last night, thursday turned a corner…living up to what it once was. Both Greys Anatomy and CSI were strong, and the direction is becoming clear again.

Greys Anatomy:

A lot to cover here… it was a transitional episode last night. It is starting to take shape again, after the shooting, everyone’s life has changed and I’m excited to see the way each character will move forward. Derek is scared to death of Meredith getting Alzheimers and is starting to pour his efforts into research for a cure. Very interesting, a plotline that I don’t believe has ever been fully examined.

Arizona and Calleigh break up on their way to Africa. What?!?! Yep, those two are over…after, as Torres reminded us, 3 years of a relationship (really?! has it been 3 years? yikes…), it’s over. Will Torres get another female-friend? Will she pursue men again? Another interesting twist.

Christina is finished as a surgeon! For now…hopefully. I cannot see Christina as anything else but a brilliant doctor with terrible bedside manner… it would be a travesty if her storyline took her a completely different direction. I’ve invested ALOT in the quirky, cold, competitive Christina Yang. Please writers, don’t pull a Heigl… don’t kill her off, or worse, make her a plumber!


No, not the return of cult-hit serial killer in a wetsuit Sqeegal… but the return of another fascinating serial death-surgeon from last season: Dr Jeykl.

This time, a man dies of ‘narcalepsy’ during a murder interrogation. Turns out, he was also the newest victim of Dr Jeykl…with a surgically altered appendix. Creepy.

So no, we’ve got the return of the master-surgeon murderer, and are awaiting the inevitable return of the spandex-bandit Squeegal – makes for some great TV!



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