Battle of the Blades: Week 6

7 11 2010

Is Battle of the Blades not the BEST show on TV sunday nights? Who’s with me? I’m LOVING the sunday line up this season, but Battle of the Blades takes the cake.

If you are American, you’re getting your own version of this show in a more DWTS format… and starring a housewife of somewhere… i apologize in advance because it just will NOT be the same!

tonight, it was week 6 … and the boys are really stepping it up!

here’s how it went on the ice tonight:

Patrice Brisebois– a little bit of pressure coming off the performance of the season last week. But he donned a Bollywood sari (?!) and danced his rear of…again! Was this guy REALLY voted out 2 weeks ago? He’s back with a vengeance and seriously high scores!

Theo Fleury- in sequines. purple sequins. but you know what? it kinda suit him…or he just has so much confidence that it just doesnt matter what he is told to wear! Another solid performance from him, I think he is going to have to start bringing some thrills to his frills to be considered a strong competitor for the gold.

Kelly Chase– as Shrek…now there’s a stretch! This week, I saw more character from him…he really embraced the performance and sold it! I think he may still be the weakest skater…but the man is looking slimmer, and more comfortable every week.

Val Bure– is Russian…did you know that? they keep dwelling on his nationality like it’s the olympics…tonight, exacerbating the situation was his song choice…to Russia with Love. It was beautiful, slow, meticulous and soaring…everything Theo and the rest of the showy Canadian boys werent! So, it will be up to the audoences to decide who makes it through…plushenko or stjokyo…you know what I mean?

Todd Warriner– um…is that a 6’2 Maple Leaf power forward in drag? yes. yes it is. A little uncomfortable, but fun and creative – the technique may not have been up to par, but the idea was… unique.

guess it couldve been worse…couldve been Georges Laroque in drag!





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