Battle of the Blades: Week 6 Elimination

8 11 2010

What is this? The Olympic episode of Battle of the Blades? Seemed that way!


Tonight, the bottom two were Todd WArriner (in drag) and Theo Fleury (in sequins).

Todd skated virtually the same as last night… hey, if you liked it, you liked it again. If it wasnt your cup of hockey-player-in-drag tea…you didnt change your mind.

But nerves brought down Theo. In a big way. Not only did he botch a spin, he landed face first on the ice and dropped his partner. yikes.

It was almost WORSE than the Olympics…because then they had to stand infront of a judging panel and LISTEN to critique. We know what happened, we saw it too…no need to make them feel like their entire lives up until this point was a dismal failure because of a fall. Toller was particularly long winded…and Theo said what we were ALL thinking: “Ok, enough, we get it”.

So, the performance to save their lives, ended their days on the show…Theo Fleury and Jamie Sale go home.

a sad end.




2 responses

9 11 2010
marcelle gagne

Toller Cranston was never the best of skaters. We have some including our canadians, americans, russians and orientals that are and were awsome. Toller likes to hear himself talk…and God help us…judge. He especially does not care for comedic and certainly not in drag. His excuse is…”it distracts judging the real skating”. Yeah sure! I’ve been watching skating for at least 40 years. Each and every skater is great especially when these skaters are of another category such as racing across the ice to get the little puck and there are 2 teams doing the same. So give them a brake they are great Toller and go back to Mexico and skate there…if you can!!!

9 11 2010
C Sheppard

can’t say that I disagree with you… thanks for the comment!

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