DWTS: Week 7

8 11 2010

Throw another wrench in the DWTS performance show… add the element of ‘surprise’! That’s right, the dancers received their music MINUTES before they danced to it.

Anyone else think this was a bit of a Hollywood ruse? I mean, do they expect me to believe the pros and their partners didnt get a list of ‘potential’ tunes, or that they didnt get SOME info revealed ahead of time? C’mon…

They each danced 2 numbers… and the cream is starting to rise to the top:

Here’s how it went down on the dancefloor tonight:

Jennifer Grey: Injured again. This time it’s the knee, and apparantly it took her father to convinve her that a) people love her and b) she should go on. Good thing she did, because she danced a very strong performance on her first dance, and got perfect scores in her ‘mystery’ dance.

Brandy: The other female powerhouse competitor. She is the only comparable rival to Jennifer…and she is staying right with her. She got better scores on her first dance, but slightly lower on her mystery dance…partly because Maks had a hissy pro-dancer fight with Carrie Ann…the best drama of the night bar none!

Kyle Massey: The cute darkhorse of the competition. He danced with such enthusiasm and…technique (?!!!) tonight! He may not be in the women’s league, but he is peaking at the RIGHT time! Great scores on both dances…9’s and 10’s!

Kurt Warriner: I’m still a little bit bitter…because I think the wrong pro-sportsman went home last week. Kurt is improving, but not at a swift enough pace for this competition. Nothing over an 8 for him tonight…

Bristol Palin: Speaking of being bitter that the wrong person went home…Bristol is STILL here! Like the guest that just wont leave, and has nothing but hunting stories to entertain a crowd. Tonight she brought in her secret weapon…Mama Palin made a cameo. OK scores…but something tells me it doesnt matter anyways.





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