Survivor Recap

11 11 2010

Another Survivor power struggle.

It always seems to split at some point in the season, to pit the girls against the boys…and the girls usually fail miserably to join forces and stick to a plan. They get catty and skittish, eventually pledging allegiance to the boys.

Wednesday night however, the girls banned together, while the men ate meat and potato salad, and stuck to their guns. It wasn’t an easy task with the mouth on Nayonka! Imagine, having to ‘defend’ having her on your side, or sitting straight-faced in solidarity as she unleashes her tongue during tribal council? Yikes, I think I wouldve changed my vote…the girl is crazy, lippy and dilusional- a bad combo.

But good on the ladies, they didnt waiver (even WITH Nay breaking the “shut up at Tribal”¬†Survivor rule. The men were determined to flush the idol by voting for Nay and Jane… but when votes piled up for Jane and Marty…that plan was shot down.

The big man on campus was usurped and ousted from the game (a tad early, in my opinion!)…

Marty went home.




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