Battle of the Blades: Week 7

14 11 2010

One thing could make Battle of the Blades the ‘true hybrid’ of hockey and figure skating…and that was the guest judging by Canadian legend (akin to Tim Hortons) Don Cherry.

Ya, JR speaks for the ‘hockey players’ but Don Cherry takes the reputation of this show to another stratosphere… CBC has another hit show, and Don showed up to support…in a way only he could. In violet satin.

Now to the performances, did I mention…it was Top 4 tonight? Time flies…

Todd Warriner: Has suffered from a lack of personality, his quiet consistency hasnt ‘hurt’ him, but it hasnt made him a star in this competition.Last week, he tried to break the mold…in drag.  Tonight, another solid performance, but back to the basics -and no eye make up! Judges were on his side, 5.9’s all around…a very good time to start having peak performances!

Kelly Chase: Is still here, and wants you to know…he deserves it. Good for him, I’m sure he’s heard enough of the skeptics- and doggone it, he’s worked hard and lost over 50 pounds to make it this far! That being said, he is still NOT the most technical or graceful skater out there, but he is much improved. He has sweat for every point, every vote, and every pound…can’t knock that, although I’m not sure that it will make him the winner.

Patrice Brisebois: Launched himself into superstar status after his Halloween Monster Mash routine…he can coast on that for a week or two, it was THAT good. TOnight, I felt like he didn’t have his A-game, but again, likely won’t matter. NExt week, I expect him to prove that he wants to WIN this thing, and put it away for good.

Val Bure: Might be the most graceful and precise of all the Top 4 skaters…but has been constantly battling the voters! Tonight, he wasn’t perfect, and I wonder if that will hurt him. On the nights where he pulls ahead of the pack, he gets support…how will it differ when he misses a few beats? POnly time will tell… still, He absolutely deserves to go another round.





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