DWTS: Semi Finals

15 11 2010

No gimmicks or ‘game changers’…just a straight 2 dance semi-final on DWTS. Thank goodness.

They couldnt resist soap-opera-esque emotional video pieces, but then, it wouldnt be dancing with the stars without them! Do they really think that because Brandy had a car accident and didnt get charged, Jennifer got whiplash in a dinger 20 years ago, Bristol had a baby during an important election year and Kyle’s mom moved to Cali for his dream…that those reasons would make me crown one person over another? I don’t buy it… I don’t get a trophy for showing up to work!

Besides the point really… I watch this show for the entertainment value, and tonight was a great night for that!

Jennifer Grey– had 2 perfect dances. I don’t know whether I completely agree with those inflated scores, but she is still the front runner in this competition. But she was from the get-go… she’s ‘a legend’ of dance, why wouldn’t she be? Obviously, I still harbour some feelings of injustice that she is even in the competition, but I can swallow that long enough to say…the woman has maintained her high standard of dance (all these years) throughout the season, and unless something earth shattering happens…she will likely walk with the trophy and have a career rebirth. Mission complete.

Brandy– I feel like Brandy is going to win or lose this competition. That sounds like an overtly obvious statement but hear me out. I think she COULD go tonight, not because she’s a bad or even the worst dancer…but because she might get overlooked. Jennifer is the leader, Kyle is the character, Bristol is the underdog…so what is Brandy? She had another solid night of performances, a bunch of 9’s and a few10’s. I just think, she could be the shocker tomorrow night…maybe, maybe not.

Kyle MAssey- Is Mr Charisma and has the Emmitt Smith and Helio Castronevez appeal. But now, he backs up this like-ability with technique and serious hip action! The guy CAN dance, and he has more personality than ALL of the contestants combined which goes a long way on this show. I don’t think he will win, but part of me totally wants him to take the prize. A non-dancer turned crowd pleaser turned dancing sensation! Great scores tonight, 9’s and 10’s!

Bristol Palin– What can I say? At this point, it’s just as befuddling as Sarah Palin’s nomination. But Bristol remains, and liek it or not, she may make the Top 3…and even win this thing. Can you imagine? Well, one thing is for sure…she certainly was a totally green, non-dancer with little to no potential- and she has improved in her technique and sexy-walk. But I just don’t get any performance from her, and the judges seem to be overlooking that as the weeks go on. You have to wonder what goes on behind the scenes – but the girl has just as much chance as Jennifer Grey to win the title.





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