Greys Anatomy: November 18

18 11 2010

I’m still a fan of Thursday Night TV.

In a recent TV Night pollGreys Anatomy was the consensus ‘Favourite Scripted TV Show’ of the season. This warms the cockles of my heart, people still watch this show along with me!

Tonight was interesting- seeing the difference between the light and the dark. That was the theme. In the dark, you do things that you wouldnt EVER do in the light.

For example:
Sleep with your best friend – Torres and McSteamy
Drink until you threaten to call your Ex- Bailey
Drink until you are performing lap dances – Christina
Perform surgeries without approval or a qualified surgeon present- Grey and Carev

et al.

There was a lot of drinking in this episode…so on another note, remind me NEVER to enter an OR without a Breath-alizer test on my surgeon. Just sayin.

So the next questions are:

When is Christina done with this Frat-‘phase’ and returning to her destiny as a talented and truly great surgeon?
Are Torres and McSteamy a ‘thing’ now? Was the Lesbian thing a phase?
Is there another love interest in the future for: Bailey, Carev, Little Grey…the Virgin-girl?
What IS the deal with this new Surgeon Stark? Big time jerk.

Not my favourite episode ever…not even close…but the ‘day after’ episode will be interesting!




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