AMA performers

21 11 2010

Excited for the AMA‘s tonight?

So am I…it’s always a massive show, that comes down to the performances- who wins is kind of a side note right?

here’s a list of the performers for the evening, honestly, one of my favourite awards of the season for the spectacle of acts really…

  • The Black Eyed Pea (also playing the Halftime show for the superbowl…FYI)
  • Train
  • Enrique Iglasius
  • Kid Rock
  • Miley (I’m 17 and sexy now) Cyrus
  • Taylor (I’m more famous than my Exes) Swift
  • Santana
  • New Kids on the Block (NKOB is what the 30 year olds call them)
  • Rihanna (opening act)
  • Justin (cue screams) Bieber
  • Katy Perry (which candy will she choose for a bra this time?)
  • Ke$ha (will she shower at least?)
  • Xtina (the actress) aguilera
  • Bon Jovi
  • Pink
  • Usher

Good list, I’m pumped! I’ll be blogging as I watch… theres always serious drama and wardrobe issues to talk about.



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