Battle of the Blades: Finale

21 11 2010

Can you believe tonight was the Battle of the Blades finale? And what a finale it was!

It perfectly capped off a great season, with the best of the group showing their skill and improvement over the past weeks. It’s going to be an interesting vote for a winner.

There’s Val Bure: The Russian with the less than enthusiastic fanbase fromt he get go. But recently, his finese has been eough to sway voters and kepp him around week after week. How can someone with such high scores, consistently hit the bottom two? It never made sense to me…so with two more solid dances tonight, will his finest hour be enough to land a win?

Or, Todd WArriner: The quiet contender all the way through. He has been consistent in his consistency (if that makes sense) He only had ONE bad week (and it taught him a elsson about drag…) but was able to rebound and give strong performances to stay atop the leaderboard. Again, he had a show stopping performance tonight…he might just walk away with the trophy!

and lastly, Patrice Brisebois: a fan-favourite, an entertainer, and an artist. He is always thirlling with his bravado and calm charisma- which he backs up with skill. Tonight, he showed his ability to conquer and perform tough choreography and reminded us why he has been a strong contender all the way through.




2 responses

25 11 2010

hi can u buy the dvd set of batter of the blades

27 11 2010
C Sheppard

I don’t think so – maybe they will start with the success of this season!

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