The 2010 AMA Live Blog

21 11 2010

It’s the AMA‘s people…and there are a few certainties. Biebers hair, Miley’s over-sex drive, Provacative Pink, and a Twilight appearance (for screams).

Settle in, it’s going to be a long night of pyrotechnics and the who’s who of the music industry!

Rihanna opens it… in a bedsheet on a giant crystal tree. Anyone else think she is channeling Whitney Houston with her hair-crimp? Wowza, her earrings are…size XL. But she can kill an opening – girl can DANCE and has lots of hits to ‘mash up’.Oh, and the bedsheet didnt stick around long.

First Bieber spotting. Yep, still got that hair.

Heidi Klum…at the American Music awards. SHe’s not american or musical. No matter…she rocks a black doily and hands out Soul R&B album: Usher

Jenny Mcarthy and John Legend (one doesnt belong…..right?) and give out Favourite Pop Group: Black Eyed Peas
Wil.I.Am is wearing lego and bragging, Fergie is wearing feather shoulder pads and trying not to look her age.

Modern family stars introduce Enrique Iglasius…right, he’s relevant again. I forgot. Is it weird that I would kill for his legs?

By the way, the hardest working man in the biz is the autotuner…just sayin.

and, Miley Cyrus looks like a Munster in long dark garb with spinning candelabras in the background. Didnt she dance on a stripper pole last year in short shorts? This year she wants to be more Sheryl Crow and less disowned Disney child.

Diddy Combs Dirty Money Sean, P….whoever he is now, his act rarely changes. Lots of bling, ‘curvy’ girls in lingerie and white people in the audience wondering ‘how do I dance to this music’? Hint: YMCA wont work in this case. Put it away.

Jessica Alba emerges from oblivion to present female Country artist: Taylor Swift.
WHo the…?! Taylor Swift is sporting a ‘new do’… straight hair and bangs. A la Reese Witherspoon…coincidentally, she’s dating Jake Gyllenhaal. Again, just sayin…

Sam Jackson doesn’t age, and introduces Kid Rock as a crossover Pop/Rock/Rap/Blues artist. So that’s what you’d call it. I’d add trailer-park-bar-singer to that genre list.

Johnny Weir is a celeb now? and Shakira wins the Latin Music award.

Black Eyed Peas continue to morph into robots, or those things from the Matrix. Something strange about this phase. Fergie shimmers and pops out of her…metal dress , Wil.I.Am looks like a futuristic Ken doll and the other two…no one cares about. sorry. Quality performance overall, with a Terminator version of ‘Time of my Life‘.

Katy Perry hired a childrens choir (or is it just Ange and Brads children?) This girl has a knack for dressing very literally…tonight, she is dressed as a firework. Her background dancers are the best of the night thus far.

Nicki Minaj...doesn’t have a stylist obviously. Refreshing. Until she plugs her album shamelessly before handing out the award for Soul R&B female: Rihanna.
She look like Christmas. Red hair, Green dress.

The girl everyone’s here to see… Willow Smith introduces the boy everyone’s here to see: Justin Bieber. Proving he’s not just tight pants and bowl haircut…playing the piano in a collared shirt. But the urge to dance is strong. Someone tell him that wearing his grandma’s jewelry doesnt constitute as ‘bling’. The boy can SANG, and he is a long way from Stratford Ontario!

Mandy Moore (has a movie to promote…) and gives out the award for Male Country Artist: Brad Paisley (surprise surprise)

Bon Jovi performs (the oldies of the night) still milking $$$ from Jon Bon Jovi’s name and fabulous hair genes. Question: how does an 80’s hair-band become  a legit country trio? strange. Jon still has a rock vein, and pulls out his favourites because…that’s what we allll want!

—- halfway point people! As usual, AMA’s jam-packed with performances, with little emphasis on the awards—

Natasha Bedingfield is still around (?!) and wearing the same thing as Heidi Klum. She gives an ad for T-Mobile while handing Justin Bieber his first of the night..a fan vote, no way!

Kelly Osbourne finds another venue to show off her smug skinni-ness. She introduces a newly impregnated Pink…what?no hanging from the rafters…she opts for hammer pants.

NeYo performs (side note: is this an awards show? Why are there no awards?) Does his best MJ tribute attempt…he’s definitely got the moves.

Taylor Swift sings about another former-suitor (we think it’s the Twilight kid). Looks completely different with her new hair…wow! Makes her look at LEAST 18. Actually, she looks like Hilary Duff…with career staying power and a gazillion more fans.

Julianne Hough is a celeb because of her Prince of Hollywood BF I suppose, and hands out Pop Rock award: Justin Bieber.
He did  not come prepared…he resorts to the ‘thank you michael jackson‘ card. yikes.

Christina Aguilera had a baby, and hasnt been the same since. Sh’s trying…I wonder if Pink will suffer the same fate? Christina goes the ‘shove my latest acting venture down your throats’ – the poor mans Chicago/Moulin Rouge… Burlesque.

Ke$ha doesn’t even try to hide the autotune. wow. I don’t know what’s worse…but this is pretty bad.

Ok…NKOTB and BSB close the show- funny, they were the opening acts in previous decades.But this was a treat for those of us over 22… a mash up of all the favs, performed as a ten man wonder band of teenage crushes!




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23 11 2010

Justin Bieber for Artist of the Year? He is over popular, he makes cute music but he ain’t artist of the year it should have gone to Gaga or Katy.They didn’t give artist of the year to Lady Gaga, even though she had the most votes. The AMAs can only give an award for Artist of the year to an Artist that actually attends the AMAs.

Watch it here:

23 11 2010
C Sheppard

Well, it’s not the Grammys… a little less… credible?
I love your comment and your avatar picture!

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