DWTS: Finale

22 11 2010

It may not look like the DWTS finale you thought it would be, but it is (somewhere Brandy is huddled in a corner shuddering at the injustice)!

Yep, Bristols still here (even after a gorilla suit jive) and relative unknown Kyle Massey also looked like a longshot for Top 3. The only ‘shoo-in’ was everyone’s favourite icon 30 years ago… Jennifer Grey (and her new nose).

Tonight, everyone danced a ‘redemption’ dance from earlier in the season, and a freestyle dance…one that could make or break their chances.

Bristol Palin: tried to redeem her Gorilla miscue with another jive…sans monkey outfit. She is undeniably better than when she began…but that doesn’t say a lot, unfortunately. She has a low key personality, which cannot match the outrageous dance numbers she is required to perform…she has no performance. That’s fine, just don’t expect to win a shmultzy dance show. The judges gave her good scores, and haven’t said a bad thing about her since week 4…just sayin’.
Her freestyle was to the iconic Chicago… really? Bristol, taking on Fossey…yikes. It was wooden and lacked ‘snap’- she received fair scores of 8’s.

Kyle Massey: Redeemed himself on a ballroom dance that required great posture and control…and he NAILED it! This kid can DANCE people… he may not have Derek’s abs, but he has poise and twinkle toes. Not to mention, he outshines his competition with charisma.
His freestyle was a fun, 90’s fly-girl/boy inspired dance to Tootsie Roll. It was flawless and had just enough dance to fun ratio to be a winner!

Jennifer Grey: Only had one bad dance this whole season, so she redeemed herself on her tango. It was stylish and gave her perfect scores (surprise!). I dont see her making a wrong move…the judges LOVE her.
Her freestyle was a fun jive that Derek always seems to thrive in. She stayed with him and it was a great way to finish the night with a ‘perfect score’ bang.

So the cards are on the table- the judges scores put Jennifer first, Kyle second and Bristol third. Not surprising, will the people’s vote be?

Let’s give it a shot shall we?




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