Tuesday Night TV

30 11 2010

Bit of a Christmas overload on TV tuesday night.

Someone please tell the networks that even by shoving Christmas specials down our throats, it will not make the 25th come any quicker…really. It’s a month away, and already we have been forced to see Christmas at Rockefeller, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and the holiday themed Victorias Secret Fashion Show.

Not to mention the all-Christmas, all -the-time radio stations I can’t flip through quick enough.

I’m no miser…I just don’t enjoy TV shutting down ‘for the holidays’ a month before the big day!

I found the VS fashion show particularly annoying tonight – I have a problem knowing who the target audience is… Men? Women? Teenagers? Socialite fashion snobs?

I don’t get it.

It also doesn’t help the self-esteem to schedule Biggest Loser to be on a different channel…vying for your weight-consciousness. I was forced to put down my Pringles more than once based solely on guilt. Shameful.

I’m sure my mood will turn half-way through December…when all of a sudden I’m carolling incessantly and PVR-ing a Muppet Christmas. Until then…can I see my regular programming please?



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