Survivor Recap: wednesday night weakness

2 12 2010

It will be very difficult for me to recap wednesday night’s Survivor

But I will… of course.

Why you ask? BEcause most of the events that occurred in this week’s episode go against everything I love about this show. And because, I will have to use the phrase “After 20-odd seasons…” more than once to prove my point.

After 20-odd seasons... don’t they make people sign “I’ll stay on the Island until I get voted off” contracts?!

After 20-odd seasons... arent people aware that rain is comfortable and inevitable?

After 20-odd seasons… don’t they background check for crazies?

After 20-odd seasons… don’t the producers realize that quitters cheapen the show?


This was one of the worst episodes of Survivor I’ve ever eaten Pringles infront of. Seriously.

Here’s how it went down:

It rained. ALot. It profusely poured pushing everyone into the shelter to shiver and gripe about how death would be easier. And I’m thinking, “this happens every season, it shouldn’t be a shocker at this point“. The complaining was juvenile and over-dramatic – a consequence of having girls too skinny for outdoor survival, and girls who are used to sprinklers on finely coiffed lawns. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have been just as irritating, but I’m NOT on the show…for that reason.

So Nay says, enough is enough, I’m giving my Idol to Chase and getting the heck outta here. Real mature. I’ve never been a Nay-Fan… but one of her strengths was sticking to her guns. Now she has absolutely NO redeeming qualities.

At the challenge, Nayonka makes the Grecian-esque announcement of her plan to nobly quit… and so does Kelly! Where did that come from?! 2 people AT ONCE want to leave 3/4 of the way through? By the way, they insist that they aren’t ‘quitters’ or ‘quitting’ – so I hope you didn’t think that’s what they were doing…that would be unfair.

Jeff is shocked, and urges them to wait until Tribal Council for their final decision on the matter.

Alas, things don’t change much in a few hours, and at Tribal Council Jeff calls out the two… and the jury is shocked! Nayonka pups out a speech about being a ‘strong black woman who doesnt quit’…but would really like to leave. When did being black have anything to do with you…QUITTING!? I guess white-Kelly has an excuse…she’s white.

So they both walk away from the game, and I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth. Terrible display of weakness…




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