The Sing Off: Premiere Tonight

6 12 2010

This years edition of The Sing Off returns tonight… and thank goodness.

Programming has come to a snow-squall-stall ever since the end of November, and I for one, will watch ANYTHING at this point. Not to say I’m not excited about the prospects of The Sing Off. I enjoyed the show last year, hated the judges and host, but loved the entertainment value it provided. It also tends to spread itself over the week evenly… warming us up for when American Idol literally takes over your entire week of primetime.

So tonight, Nick (I proposed first) Lachey and his bevy of judges are BACK: Ben (hipster) Folds, Nicole (donchaaa) Sherzinger and …that guy from Boys 2 Men.

No changes in terms of formatting or personnel (unfortunately)  – 10 A cappella groups (count how many times tonight that word is ‘defined’ for us unmusical slobs watching with our cheetos) hit the stage to perform a song of their choice.

I’ve seen a clip of a group doing Bad Romance, and i’ve noticed that dancing/choreography is playing a larger role in the performances this year. Interesting…

So, are you watching?

Full recap and commentary tonight!





3 responses

6 12 2010
The Sing Off

[…] tonight at 8:00pm on NBC with a new crowd of hopeful singers hoping to be the next big thing. YouThe Sing Off – Eleventh Hour sing Baby by Justin Bieber on The Sing-Off. Video here: The Sing Off Season 2 […]

7 12 2010

If I’m in Canada, and want to see the premiere episode of the Sing Off for season 2, what site do I go to? This is super frusterating!!!!

7 12 2010
C Sheppard

I’m finding some videos here:

NBC likes to ban us Canadians from watching their ‘American only’ content… hope it works for you!

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