The Sing Off: Week 1

6 12 2010

The first episode of this seasons The Sing Off, set the stage for what looks to be a pretty entertaining run!

The judges are back… if you ask me, they are all (minus one) superfluous especially in a field of incredible artists on the verge.

Here is my assessment of what went down on week 1 (let me remind you… you’ll need to get used to the names I give these groups…they will likely NOT be their given names…stay with me!)

The Breakfast Club: highschoolers from every clique… or as Sherzinger pointed out so eloquently, the real-life GLEE. Right. They sang Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’... a disappointing choice, but not a surprise given their age/influences.

Family Troupe: A father daughter angle that proved… having a recording studio in your basement can really give you ‘direction’ from a young age. Some kids are mortified at the thought of driving to school with their parents…others join their super-cool acapella group.

The Talk of the Town (real name!): I love these guys…a true tribute to the style and history of this genre. Lead by legendary MoTown-er Jerry Lawson, these guys put the kids to shame.

The Cali’s: Formed solely to compete in this show with some left-overs/cast offs from last year. This California group plays on the beach while they sing… and have one power voice they like to showcase (the headliner who wants her own contract…wait for it).

Art Snobs: we’re from Berkeley ART college…we practice 8 times a day, play every instrument and have more pedigree than any other contestant. Hear us roar. Lesson in humility needed…

Youtubers: Yes, a YouTube sensation with their rendition of Gaga’s Bad Romance (but who wasnt?) Great choreography, with a can’t miss song… can’t wait to see/hear more.

Whiffenpoofs: I WILL remember that name (I might even rename my dog…) Another frat-group, this time from Yale. They fell into the ‘we invented this style’ trap that rendered them slightly irritating…. but then they pulled of Mika’s Grace Kelly and I will forgive their initial missteps.

Church Boys: Havent sang alot of ‘pop’ music, but choose Maroon 5 to break into it? A good choice, a fantastic group of voices, and a lot to anticipate from them… goes to show that solid vocals doesnt have to come from Yale, or  Berkeley- they can be God-given gifts.

Country Boys: I love this storyline – a guy makes it in Music city, but gets mistreated by his label. Time for a second chance, with a groups of other Nashville voices… great personalities and a slight blues style could get interesting.

Choir Jocks: A group of guys that sing…and play sports (a rarity!) They also have employed their high school choir teacher to coach them… cute!

The first two groups heading home without another chance…

The Art Snobs (y’know what they say about Karma)
and the Choir Jocks

Early Favourites?




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