The Sing Off: Episode 2

8 12 2010

That’s right, our second dose of The Sing Off in a week… what is this? American Idol?

I’m guessing the race to end before Christmas has started, and all shows are getting ready to go out with a bang. The Sing Off will likely have their finale just in time for the big holiday.

Not that I’m complaining…I never complain about NEW content!

Here’s what happened on tonight’s episode:

Youtubers: Slipped a bit from their infamous Bad Romance performance. Great choreography again, but they need to work hard to compete with the stellar voices of the other groups.

Breakfast Club: No not , Bieber, but Bruno Mars this time. D’ya think this group has a ‘target market’? yeesh, and prom queen really needs to cut out the false emotion. Overall, stronger than monday night…but still not even in the running for best group.

Country Boys: picked it up a bit this week – and looked cooler doing it! I have to admit – I was away for most of the performance (I know! Hate mail is forthcoming…) but the judges gave them full props for a solid night.

Church Boys: Are slowly rising to the top of the groups…and becoming a personal favourite. Another fantastic rendition of a pop song, gone to church. Apologize was a huge song last year, and if possible, it sounds better acapella!

The Talk of the Town: The old boys are showing the other groups who REALLY invented acapella. That’s right Whiffenpoofs… these guys put the MO in MO-Town, and they can still upstage the youngins! I smiled the entire way through their performance of Duffy… so cool.

Cali’s: continue to use the same Beyonce-wannabe as their ‘lead’, and to be honest, I think she is trying to be a solo act and become a star on her own. BEyond that, the groups real star is the female (Bieber look alike) beat boxer.

Whiffenpoofs: May have ‘invented’ acapella… but they did not have the sameWhiff or Poof as they did on monday. They were a little flat, and the judges gave them vanilla praise.

Grooves: This lead singer has the charisma and the talent to truly LEAD this group through the competition. Although I thought the song was a little messy and disjunct… they have a very specific sound that distinguishes them from the rest….never a bad thing!

Who went home:

The Breakfast Club and WhiffenPoof

I for one, am OK with that ruling. Thoughts?




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