Amazing Race: the winner and the announcement

13 12 2010

So the first all-female couple won the Amazing Race last night (not quite the cultural impact it was cracked up to be…) Nat and Kat (favourites from the start…) won in a perfectly executed last leg. Congrats ladies!

now… the real meat of the evening.

The news that next season will be a Fan-Favourites season…bringing back favourites form apst seasons to re-compete, calling it the UnFinished Business season. Interested?

How about these familiar faces we picked out of the promo:

  • mother/son Margie and Luke,
  • the Harlem Globetrotters Flight Time and Big Easy,
  • dating Goths Kynt and Vyxin,
  • father/son Mel and Mike,
  • brothers/bull riders Cord and Jet,
  • sisters/athletes LaKisha and Jennfer,
  • poker players Maria and Tiffany,
  • a capella singers Connor and Jonathan,
  • father/daughter Gary and Mallory,
  • father/son Michael and Kevin
  • and home shopping hosts Brook and Claire, from this past season.

where’s Rob and Amber!!!???

Other than that… I’m sure more will be added as we get closer to the show airing in February. Every reality show needs one of these seasons… we expect it now.




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25 12 2010

Very good post.

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