The Sing Off: Week 3

13 12 2010

Week 3 of the short lived (guilty-filler) show, The Sing Off.

Tonight, each group took on 2 songs (to fill 2 hours…) one ‘rock’ song, and one guilty pleasure (I’ve got a few that fit both bills…don’t you?)

Here’s how it went down tonight:

Jazz troupe: turned David Bowie into elevator-music dullness! Not to mention the lyric hiccup in the middle…this song was a disaster! Their guilty pleasure picked them up a bit, but it wasn’t memorable enough to keep them in the running.

Youtubers: Need to ‘become artists’ this week according to the judges, so they take on Mick Jagger in their first tune (more gyration than art) but turned it around a bit with their second tune. I still like these guys, art is subjective.

Jerry and The Talk of the Town: Slowly becoming the dudes to watch out for in this competition…they get high praise, and deserve it. But will they stick it out to vie for the title? They showed up again tonight with great oldies with Motown flavour and a modern flair.

Churchboys: Took some heat on their first song (a Police tune) but regained their brilliance with the second song… A Backstreet Boy classic. How can you lose with that? They are still my favourite, and I aint afraid to say it.

Country Boys: Had a great night, singing Creep and killing it! They broke away from the country-feel to really rock that tune. They took it up a notch tonight, and are definitely in the running.

Cali’s: Wanted to show how ‘fun’ they are… because singing power ballads makes them boring. So they gave their Beyonce lead singer a break, and let other people take a solo. Good move, both songs were solid, and a lot of fun. mission accomplished.

Who sang their Swan Song tonight?

The JAzz Troupe.

No complaint on that ruling…




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