The Sing Off: Wednesday Week 3

15 12 2010

The Sing Off hit it’s final note(s) tonight… the last show before the LIVE Finale on Monday.

Here’s a recap:

Each group sang medleys of ‘superstars’, and a chosen song from the judges…

Jerry and the Talk of the Town: Brought down the house with their songs… Aretha Franklin and House of the Rising Sun. The judges got all emotional, and part of me thinks they are positioned to win this thing. A great back story, strong vocals and a memorable final performance (with a standing O to top it off) could just give them the edge!

Church Boys: Are still my favourite… but they got a raw deal from the judges. They were given Al Green, Let’s Stay Together… not a memorable song, not a particularly cool’ or ‘fresh’ song…but their voices were beautiful! They needed a show-stopper, and I’m not sure that they got the song to do it for them… but I love them. Just Sayin…

Cali’s: Try really hard. Maybe too hard. They did Gaga and tried to be quirky and ‘edgy’. Then they got Landslide, and ended up crying with raw emotion at the end. It was just predictable… I’m not a fan. Besides, has anyone noticed the beat-boxer looks like Justin Bieber? I mean… it’s uncanny!

Country Boys: Are slowly moving up the ladder in my books. They took on the Beatles, and being the biggest Beatles fan in a country mile, I was actually pretty pleased with the outcome. They also killed their judges song, putting some fresh flavour into it, and proving that they may also be the group to beat.

And the eliminated Group tonight was…

The Youtubers: Needed to step it up this week… but fell short. Although, their ‘Swan Song’ showed glimpses of genius I hadn’t seen previously from them…bad timing boys!

So… Monday night is the Live Finale… who’s gonna take it? Thoughts?




2 responses

17 12 2010

I love the church guys

20 12 2010
C Sheppard

you and me both! Wouldn’t mind seeing them take it tonight…
Do you have any thoughts on tonight’s finale? Who do YOU think will win?

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