Survivor Nicaragua Finale

19 12 2010

One of my favourite Sundays of the year, is Survivor Finale Sunday Night.

Is there a better way to spend 3 hours on a cold December night? Dont answer that…

I turned on my fireplace, ordered in…and watched the drama unfold.

For once, the person who dictated the final three, actually made the SMART decision, and won the game. After winning 3 consecutive challenges to keep the immunity around his neck, Fabio made the tough decision to keep the snake and the charmer int he top 3.

Ususally, this backfires… but tonight, the 21 year old ‘neo-hippy‘, fell the big players in this game to prove that intense game play, backstabbing and alliances arent the ONLY thing that can win you a million bucks on this show!

FABIO wins Survivor Nicaragua!

I’m happy with outcome, whether he spends his money on ‘ethnomusicology’ and his mom… I dont really care. I care that one of my favs from the start stuck through it, and made my sunday night.




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21 12 2010
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