Ring in a New TV Season

3 01 2011

The Holidays are over (farewell to Santa Baby and Bing Crosby for another year) which heralds the return of the TV season… 2011!

Oh yes my fine TV- Watching friends, an exciting new beginning to all of our favourite shows. 2011 will breath new life into old vehicles, give us renewed pleasure in the passe 2010 storylines. Here we go…

Let’s get right into it shall we? This week, there is a lot to look forward to:

Starting off with a Bachelor Bang. Monday night people, that means The Bachelor returns, and somehow, producer managed to scrimp together a bevy of (models, aspiring actresses and waitresses) beauties who are willing to look past the fact that Brad is Back… the notorious rejector. This time, he promises to choose a wife (sign a prenup) and find true happiness (sign a prenup).

Watch it all unfold in the season premiere TONIGHT.

For those of you who love a good spoiler… Check out the best Reality TV sleuth on the inter-webs: REALITY STEVE … just don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

Enjoy it tonight, we’ll talk ALLL about it tomorrow….




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