Live 2 Dance: The Premiere

5 01 2011

What did you think of Paula Abdul‘s magnanimous return to TV with her new show, Live 2 Dance ?

Did you watch it?

I really didnt think I would. There were plenty of other shows to watch last night, I really, truly had no intention of tuning in.

But I did.

And to be completely honest, the show is a good one… despite Paula (not because of her… that’s the difference)

I didnt think it was going to be anything even remotely original, and for the most part… the format is the same (European host, 3 judges, ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ votes, a raucous audience) but what I found entertaining, was that is wasnt single dancers… it was dance acts. One or more dancers of various styles and performance. No age limit, no restrictions.

So overall, I was entertained… and I was a sceptic. So… what did YOU think?




One response

11 02 2011

WHY did Kendall do thew same dance to the same song TWICE…ALSO TWITCH should have WON D’Angelo and his partner were cute but displayed the same moves.. Twitch at least showed us differant dance routines…. I thought this show was shady… and Paula Abdul said some pretty DUMB things..that left you thinking WHAT A DUMB ASS

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