Monday TV: news and guide

10 01 2011

It’s Monday, and for those of you who already need a coffee break – there are some TV news items to speak of.

First, SNL was back in stride by inviting a COMEDIAN to host the show (I’m so sick of forcing the funny bone out of people who are naturally dull, line-readers with no discernible talent tother than to brush up nicely for photo shoots….) and Jim Carrey….is still funny! Who-da thunk with the garbage film roles he’s taken in the past decade or so… but the man is undeniably funny, and a serious talent in the world of comedy.

His monologe was nothing write home about, but is there anyone who can rock an SNL monologue anymore? It’s a tired opening if you ask me…

But then, he put on the leotards and killed a spoof of Black Swan. He was strong all the way through, and SNL was enjoyable on saturday… if you live in the USA, you can re-watch the sketches at . If you’re Canadian… I’m working on it!


The cast of the new season of Survivor has been released… all but 2 cast members have been revealed and photographed (see below) Nothing out of the ordinary, pharm reps, firefighters, ex-cops, law students, waitresses…etc. But Redemption Island is a brand new format – and I for one, am completely thrilled and excited for it! How can Survivor keep upping the entertainment value after 20-odd seasons… remarkable. Take that…Simpsons.

Here’s the whole gang.

But wait, there are two names missing?! That’s right, start the speculation. Will 2 ex-cast members be joining the group? Boston Rob and Russel‘ s names have already made their rounds around the rumour mill. What do you think? Find out more about the cast at


Bachelor returns tonight to totally cap off a long monday of MY OWN drama. Tonight, the first true ‘dates’ are held, and look out for the trend… the girl with the first one-on-one usually makes it pretty darn far in this ‘competition’… so who will it be tonight? And the insipid ‘plot summary’ on TV Guide says ‘tensions between the women heat up‘… no way. Sounds like my kind of show – are you ready for the fangs to come out? Like, literally?

Full recap tonight!

Have a great Monday and enjoy your TV Night.



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