The Bachelor: week 2 recap

10 01 2011

Things are definitely starting to get into a Bachelor groove… it never takes long!
Oh, and Tonight’s drinking game words were: Birthday and Targeted … you’ll see what I mean if you keep reading….

There were 3 dates: 1 on 1, Group and 1 on 1.

The first 1 on 1 was with a cute blonde girl (the dentist) and Brad took her into a deserted clearing, flipped a switch and started a carnival just for the two of them. Creative. They seemed to have good chemistry, and Brad opened up’ about his past. Like I’ve predicted, the girl who gets the first 1 on1 is usually safe for awhile.

The group date was a big, fat, Bachelor style mess. 15 girls, 1 shirtless man. It got very catty, very fast. Here’s where you can start taking swigs of your drink of choice… It was Crazy Michelle’s 30th Birthday. Which entitled her to time with Brad, a hissy fit, more attention than anyone else, and the only thing she wants for her birthday… Brad. He fell right into this trap, after she stormed off set… a hug, and a rose at the after party seemed to cheer her up. sigh…but that’s not all that went down on this date. The witchy Brunette Waxer and the Old Woman Blonde started a feud that would run it’s course through the episode and climax at the rose ceremony.

The last 1 on 1 was a Pretty Woman date with the artist form NY. She got gussied up, and treated to a night at the Hollywood Bowl with Train as the dinner entertainment (awkward!) Brad was scared by her ‘lack of dating experience’, but gave her a rose anyways.

At the Rose Ceremony, Ali and Roberto showed up for their extra 15 minutes of fame and gave their opinion on the girls of choice. Old Blonde WOman and Witchy Brunette had a brawl and the words “targeted’ flew around the room like a plague. Drama, Drama, Drama.

After all was said and done… both drama queens got the axe.

Thoughts? Any early favourites?




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