Survivor Redemption Island News!

13 01 2011

Some Survivor news to start the day!

Remember THIS post? It’s where I told you there were rumours swirling about the cast of Survivor: Redemption Island.

only 16 survivors were originally announced and photographed… but waiting int he wings were two other castmates – yet to be revealed.

Today, it was released that Boston Rob and Russell would indeed be returning to the island this season! Exciting? I think SO! This season was already shaping up to be a classic with the new format, and now they are bringing back two of the most prolific Survivors of all time. I’m a massive Boston Rob fan. I still dont know what to think about Russell… but he will NO DOUBT shake things up and stir the drama pot!

EAch will join a tribe – not sure how the other cast mates will feel about this, or if they’ll keep them around long. History says Not likely. But both are gunning for each other, let’s recall, Russell was instrumental in ousting Rob from their last All-Star gig.


The official announcement is HERE.

The new season Premiere will air  Wednesday, Feb. 16 on CBS – it’s already in my calendar under ‘order in and leave the phone off the hook’.





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