Celebrity Apprentice: Cast Announcement

14 01 2011

The official announcement of the next Celebrity Apprentice has been released  – although, if you’re a loyal TV Night Blog reader, you’ll remember a post similar to this one a few months ago. Old news, but timely.

Here’s the Celebrity Apprentice cast list:


  • Playmate Hope Dworaczyk (an unknown…really)
  • Singer La Toya Jackson (shameless…)
  • Former “View” co-host Star Jones (Isn’t Trump friends with Barbara Walters? How is this going to work?)
  • “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes (first time she’s had a ‘job’ interview)
  • Actress Marlee Matlin (riding her DWTS resurge)
  • Lisa Rinna (another former DWTS cast off)
  • model Niki Taylor (unless she’s Tyra, I dont know her)
  • and singer Dionne Warwick. (legend.)


  • actor Gary Busey (the crazy one)
  • former baseball player Jose Canseco (the original Jersey Shore juice head)
  • singer and former teen idol David Cassidy (My mom is going to freak out)
  • “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch (has he signed a ‘no nudity’ clause for this show?)
  • rapper Lil Jon (sans autotune…)
  • Singer Meat Loaf (my Mom is going to freak out)
  • Mark McGrath (I freaked out for a month in the 90’s)
  • John Rich (I don’t know who this is…)


I have also heard rumours that Lindsey Lohan was campaigning HARD to get on this show. Trump felt that she wasnt ‘ready’. But really, is Lindsey Lohan any LESS messed up than Gary Busey, Plastic Rinna, The Jackson and Conseco? Didnt they all take Celebrity Rehab courses?

DWTS will take her – don’t worry people.






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