Golden Globes Preview

16 01 2011

Tonight will officially kick off Awards Season (that’s right People’s Choice doesnt mean hooey) with The Golden Globes.

Settle in Ladies and gents, it’s going ot be a long night glitz, glamour, shameless self promotion, rented gowns, rented jewels, actresses having their first meal in days, equally attention starved nominees, and red carpet paranoia.

It’s the night of nights, and Ricky Gervais is back as the refreshing equalizer and host.

Should be a good show.

I predict a lot of wins for the Social Network, Kings Speech and Black Swan.

Check back during and after the show for my running commentary- and weigh in on the festivities yourself! Order in, leave the phone off the hook, and gear towards bed by 12.




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16 01 2011
Golden Globes 2011 Date

[…] януари 1, 2011. Order of award presentations. 1. FILM SUPPORTING ACTOR (presented by ScarletGolden Globes 2011 Date – Rob is presenting Best Foreign Language Film @ Golden Globes 2011 with Olivia Wilde. Annie Posted […]

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