American Idol Preview

19 01 2011

The time has come ladies and gents. The Premiere of the all-new American Idol.

Producers are promising, and critics are speculating that Idol will have more than a few facelifts to revive a dying franchise riddled with issues last season.

Questions still remain… mostly surrounding the new crop of judges gracing the panel. Idol cleaned house after last season, losing it’s number 1 judge Simon Cowell and it’s superfluous 3rd judge Ellen DeGeneres and even more redundant 4th judge Kara Dioguardi (I smell a book deal coming…)

That started a firestorm of rumours and hearsay about who would fill those coveted spots. From the get-go the frontrunners were Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. And finally, the anti-climatic announcement came introducing them to the panel. Both bring experience and personality – a winning formula, but will either of them reach the stratospheric love -affair America had with the surly Simon Cowell? Will we forget about him and embrace the new two?

It all goes down tonight folks. The first show, the first round of auditions, the first judging encounters.

If there are a few things I know for sure… Steven Tyler will have a freak out moment where he’ll release one of his famous screams. Jennifer Lopez will get so moved she will break into tears and pour on the emotional waterworks. Randy will be the stable mediator, as he always was, and ride this train for at least another year.

You can bring in visionary Nigel Lythgow, two superstar performers, extend Ryans contract til the day he dies with this franchise, and add a live band to the stage, and allow original songs… but it all comes down to this: Will you connect with the young singers, the storylines, and will you feel comfortable enough judging from the saggy couch infront of your flatscreen? That’s the ticket.

If the producers can revive your fascination and compulsion to be your own judge and make your own decisions about who becomes a star… it will be the same Idol and will remain the number 1 TV show of the decade.

Get ready for a 2-hour premiere tonight, starting at 8pm on FOX. Don’t even try to call me tonight…phone is off the hook.




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