American Idol: Recap and Review

20 01 2011

I know what you did last night. You watched the American Idol Premiere.

And if you’re anything like me, you were excited but wary heading into the show… and pleasantly satisfied and refreshed as it came to a close.

I loved it!

I really thought I would miss Simon Cowell. But after last night, Simon Who?!?! I thought it would ruin the show to take away his biting criticisms and cold, stoic British-persona. But last night proved that SImon was NOT the show. In fact, the show thrives on it’s new panel energy. The energy is slightly less abrasive and offensive, but also less redundant and confusing.

J-Lo (with all her reported flaws in humility) takes the lead, but not with annoying force, or blathering inanity. She may have a ‘problem saying No’… but she is capable of stringing together useful sentences that support the singer, and offer advice as to their direction. Good move Idol… good move.

Steven Tyler isnt as crazy as you think. But what I enjoyed was his downplayed role on the panel. Yes, he has an interesting way of verbalizing his thoughts… but he doesnt over-use them, and he doesnt foist them on you as much as you’d expect from such an iconic figure in such a powerful new role.

Randy is Randy – he looks great this year, and he’s solid.

Now, the judges are mint – how were the auditions? Same old Idol, with less focus on the pathetic figures. There’s still backstories, still build-up, and still montages of crying families (oh, and when you’re in Jersey, you can’t possibly overlook a chance to reference The Shore). But you can’t take THAT away from us! It’s so entertaining.

There were crazies, there were strokes of genius, there were diamonds in the rough. Signs of things to come… and I’m loving it.




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