American Idol Wednesday: January 26

26 01 2011

I am loving this year of American Idol so far…aren’t you? Is there anything better on TV than the first round of Idol auditions? (and don’t you DARE say Live2Dance… not even close Paula.)

New judges, same old format.

Tonight, in the land of the Cheeseheads, there were some great storylines, great performances, and great big flops. I have to admit, my favourites are always the freak-outs. You know the ones who are in awe of the judges when they go into the room, and then about halfway through, they turn on them…and by the time they leave, they are punching cameramen, finger waggin’ and saying how little the judges know about ‘real’ musical talent. I LOVE those ones. There were some of those too…which made my evening.

I am also really digging the judges… there may be sceptics, but I’m sold on this group. Steven Tyler is genuine, humane but somehow manages to keep it real with everyone. J-Lo is forthright, articulate and actually adds value to the panel. Randy is a funny, no nonsense ‘dude’ that totally deserved to keep this job.

Of course, the story of the night was that of the final contestant. His fiancee suffered a devastating brain injury leaving her disabled… but he has not left her side. For better or for worse. Such a rare man with integrity and true love for another human being. Keep an eye out for him…and remember the name Chris Medina.

What will Nashville bring tomorrow night? You can probably bet on a few cowboy wannabe’s and Carrie Underwood look alikes. Just saying.



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27 01 2011
Chris Medina American Idol

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