American Idol Thursday: January 27th

27 01 2011

Double dose of American Idol… not that I’m complaining!

The judges were in Nashville–  Music City has a lot to live up to! I figured there were going to be a slew of fake cowboys, girls in cowboy boots belting out Carrie Underwood tunes… but actually, Nashville was slightly less predictable than I thought.

The hits of the night for me were:

  • The Exes that auditioned together – both voices stood on their own, and soared as a harmony. That’s an interesting storyline to follow… music is the language of love right?!
  • The Skinny Rod Stewart singing, Rod Stewart. Great voice, great vibe… I just hate a guy with a smaller waistline than me, so he’ll have to sing good enough for me to look past that!
  • and of course, the singer of the night… the Blonde 15 year old that ended the auditions. She is a superstar no matter what happens on this show. She even knocked the stuffing out of Dream On (Steven Tyler’s power ballad). Wowza.

But you know, the true highlight of the night came from the Flops and Freak Outs. My favourite tonight was ‘Younique‘ (oh the irony). Loved her, loved her loved her. She came in dressed for prom, with her self-produced ‘album’ (just the one copy.) and all the diva confidence of an A-Lister.

Another entertaining evening with my favourite reality show of the season thus far. Idol is BACK and I’m loving it.



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