Bachelor Monday: January 31st

31 01 2011

The most dramatic and controversial Bachelor ever?

Might be a bit of a stretch, but it was only a matter of time before producers started to foist that opinion on the viewers.

But to my approximation, Brad hasn’t strayed from the script once. He hasn’t made any of his own decisions, and hasn’t ‘gone rogue’ to make this season any more controversial or dramatic than the previous 15 seasons.

The Bachelor drinking game words of the night were: ‘real connection‘ – you see, Brad is started to form real connections with many ladies, and that’s why they cry so much. I guess.

The 1-1 date went to another brunette, the funeral director. She was treated to a shopping spree on Bachelor’s dime, and Brad was forced to be the official bag holder and dress admirer. The sign of a true man. They ended their night talking about her job…and that lead to embalming. This is the first glimpse of reality I’ve seen yet. This is date talk. You never talk about your goals, ‘the house’, drama, previous relationships…you talk about real life “stuff”.

The group date was a popular dramatic topic previous to the episode. How dare he take a girl who’s Nascar fiancee died and broke her world apart…to a racetrack? His answer was “I didnt know”. Right. Well, even if that was true…the producers knew. But that was the plan all along. Maybe that makes this ‘the most controversial and dramatic’ bachelor yet.

Of course he doted on her and gave her the rose – but to me, a more sympathetic man would’ve taken me home, or at least ridden in the car WITH me!

the last date was the dreaded 2-1… one stays, one goes home. It was between the two Ashleys (of course!) One Ashley was pouty, one Ashley was carefree… guess who went home? The pouty one, and she pouted and streamed tears allllll the way home.

At the Rose ceremony the drama continuned – girls fighting for attention, Michelle acting crazy-cakes, and Brad giving away rose.

Another brunette (with a tiara?!) and another…brunette that I knew nothing about, went home.

Previews for more world traveling, helicopters and hot tubs were revealed… you can expect more controversy and drama – it’s the Bachelor, it’s part of the plot-line!






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