SAG Awards Wrap Up

31 01 2011

The SAG awards always creep up on me. Sandwiched between The Golden Globes, the DGA, OScar Noms and The Oscars – it gets a bit lost in the glitter. And last night, although awards were given out, and people dressed up to walk a carpet… it seemed a little bit useless. Just another night to dote on celebs and drop names.

There was ‘food’ on the table, but incidentally, I saw no one with lettuce in their teeth, or dabbing a napkin to their faces. It’s almost like the wafer-actresses weren’t eating. hmmm….

The opening was weak and the sound was off (at least, it was off from my vantage point in the great white north). In previous year, I’ve enjoyed the 15 second witticisms of the actors…. but this year, they  all looked a bit forced and passive-aggressive. Excessive money and no body fat can do that to you.

A tribute to Ernest Borgnine took up half of the festivities… Jack Nicholson lays in wait, for his shining moment to come. I’m a fan of good old fashioned Hollywood – but it seemed lengthy for an evening celebrating the year in achievement.

The usual suspects were there: Natalie ‘pregnant goddess’ Portman, Nicole ‘I just had a baby, sorta’ Kidman, Sophia ‘my boobs are bigger than yours’ Vergera, Helena ‘ this IS my dressed up’ Bonham Carter.. .and so on.

The usual suspects also walked away with awards, and attempted to spice up the evening with insipid humility speeches. Natalie Portman better brush up for the Oscar speech…seriously. Boring. Christian Bale is a little bit whacko, and might embarrass himself if he keeps winning these things.

Biggest surprise of the night was the nod to the ever-working, ever-effervescent Betty White. She is unstoppable, and in a show that doesn’t have a LOT of viewers, or laughable moments…she is the shining star.

The Kings Speech was the big winner of the night … so The Globes liked Facebook, but the Guild preferred History. Obviously, giving Betty White and Ernest Borgnine the night! So which will the Oscars favour?

SAG awards




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