American Idol Tuesday: February 2nd

2 02 2011

What better way to end a snowday than with American Idol?

There isnt.

After I warmed up leftovers, did my third round of shoveling, and brewed a pot of flavoured tea… I sat down to watch American Idol. C’est la Vie!

So, TExas…we get it. It’s cowboy country and you people love to show it off. Hats on everyone, tight jeans, a whole football field worth of plaid shirts.

But it was a good audition town – lots of talent. There was also a lot of the same kind of voice-  you know the one. Power Nasal. I think there’s probably a lot of Sugarland and Underwood influence- but it gets a bit tired. It’s no longer original or even radio friendly. I hope one or two rise to the top, and the others fall to the way-side in Hollywood because it’s getting to be a saturated group.

But I gotta tell ya, I think I found my early favourite!

Remember the name Casey Abrams. He sang Ray Charles, looked like Seth Rogan and played a mean mouth organ. He was totally the thrill of the night…saved for the end of course. I’m watching for THAT guy… and so is Steven Tyler.

Re-Watch Casey Abrams audition and story HERE!

I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed the American Idol Couple – with the super cheesy opening, I expected the worst. They were both artists and put their own unique style on recognizable Pop songs. Pleasant surprise.

More tomorrow night as the judges land in their home turf… LA.I’m gonna go out on a limb and say we’ll see a lot of blondes.




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