American Idol Thursday: February 3rd

3 02 2011

Day 2 this week, of American Idol.

I had high hopes for the LA auditions. Unfortunately, I was disappointed.

The only audition I truly enjoyed was The Brothers singing a Lean on Me duet. They were both great, it will be interesting to see how they sing as a solo act, and which brother will rise to the top in Hollywood.

There were an awful lot of crazies in LA. More than I expected. But most of them werent actually FROM LA. It seems LA happens to just be the magnet or the meeting place of the crazies.

One in particular started to scare me… me and J-Lo. The man from the ‘plantation’ in the south with the snakes and the hogs. He just wouldn’t quit, and I would’ve called for security LONG before they did. The man had bells on and looked like Flava Flav. It was hard to watch without thinking… sometimes, it’s not TV worthy to put a clearly deranged and troubled human being on camera. Just my opinion…

Next week, Wednesday night is the last audition stop in San Fran, and Thursday… the start of Hollywood week! I’m excited, there are some great stories and stars-in-the-making to watch for!




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