Bachelor Monday: February 7th

7 02 2011

The chips are starting to fall into place on The Bachelor… There were 8 girls left at the beginning of the episode, now only 6 girls remain!

Oh, the Bachelor Drinking Game words of the night are: Scary and Comfortable.

The night went as follows…

Fly to Costa Rica.

Brad shows the girls around, and they stay in the same ‘compound’…which would come in handy later.

The first 1-1 date was Zip lining in the rain with Chantel O. The brave, fearless girl he once knew was BACK because she didnt back down from a little rain. Wow. Whatta keeper she is. Their dinner gets rained out as well, and they end up in the only dry location… Brad’s boudoir. And since Chantel is all wet… she borrows an oversized shirt to wear for the evening… she couldn’t find pants unfortunately. How uncomfortable. Not to mention embarassing. Right? She also drops the bomb that she is falling in LOVE with Brad. This is their 2nd or 3rd date no? That happened to me when I was 9 years old and fell HARD for the freckle-faced classmate in the school yard.

On the group date – Brad took the women repelling into a waterfall. It’s amazing how many people have issues with ‘heights’…seems awfully convenient. Also, Crazy Michelle throws a fit because Brad SWORE he wouldnt repel with anyone else but her after their 1-1 date in Vegas. This may be the only time I say this, but I actually sided WITH Michelle on this one. Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, He DID make that promise…and I’m sure there were PLENTY of other date options in Costa Rica.

At any rate, the girls were all mad at Brad for one reason or another, and no one got a rose.

The last 1-1 date finally felt like a real-life date. Awkward small talk and copious lulls in conversation. That’s the way ALL first dates go no? Well, apparently since he’s gotten further with the other girls, Ally got the boot…after she expressed how comfortable she was with Brad. OUch.

That night…Brad gets an unexpected visitor in his boudoir. Crazy Michelle. This couldve been the trailer for The Roommate or Paranormal Activity, it was that scary. The dark figure arrives at the door with a whispered ‘Hola’. shivers. She then proceeds to tell Brad who he should pick in the order she deems appropriate. He reiterates how ‘scary’ this is for him.

At the Rose ceremony, Chantel becomes the first girl to tell Brad she LOVES him.

He gets rid of the artist.

Next, he and the girls head to Anguilla, because they’ve had enough of Costa Rica and are in need of some serious sunshine and excitement.




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