American Idol Wednesday: February 9th

9 02 2011

Congratulations! You made it through ‘hump-day’… or wednesday to those with dirty, filthy minds. And what better way to celebrate than with the final American Idol auditions of the ‘new’ season.

Setting the stage for my FAVOURITE week of TV (debatable, but I’ll go with it…) Hollywood Week. There will be gushing tears and the sounds of heartbreak and dreams shattering. I’m going to love it.

There are some early favourites – not that I can remember any of them off the top of my head, but Hollywood week always reminds me of my frontrunners. Then , those frontrunners are paired up, grouped up and singled out… whittling down a final 24, or 20 or 12…depending on Nigel Lithgow’s direction.

So goodbye auditions! Good bye costumes, goodbye Michael Jackson wannabe’s, goodbye J-Lo admirers and Steven Tyler groupies…Good bye delusion. So far- I’m impressed with the judges – but how will they be LIVE?!?! That is still yet to be seen.

Tonight, there were a few stand outs: The girl with the throw-back voice, the Columbian immigrant and of course… The last audition of the season (supposedly) – the 21 year old with turrets, a tragic past and no money.

So add them to the mix…

Bring on Hollywood week… and for Pete’s sake – don’t forget your words!




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