Survivor Redemption Island Premiere

16 02 2011

Wednesday night TV just got a little more interesting with the premiere of the new season of Survivor.

A new place: Nicaragua

A new ‘pace‘: Redemption Island format

an old face: Boston Rob and Russell

Each team got ‘an experienced player’ to lead the team… and within minutes, both Russell and Rob were the obvious kingpins on their respective teams. Sure, there are other strong personalities… but these guys just respect the attention in a group setting. Right away, Boston Rob used his strength and construction know-how to build a shelter for the rainy season ahead. Russell on the other hand (looking extremely fit these days!) got right into his game… finding a weak girl to be his puppet for the rest of the game.

I mentioned strong personalities. They are abundant. For instance, the former FBI agent Phillip who reminds me of an SNL sketch… of a former FBI agent. He loves himself, he holds his ‘people skills’ in high regards, and sees himself as the natural leader of the team. He is also a bit of a nutjob. Unfortunately, two ladies Francesca and Kristina found themselves, unwittingly, in an alliance with looney-bin instead of in Robs good favour. Kristina also happened to come across the hidden immunity idol, and was forced to show Phillip to shut him up. Literally. That will come back to bite them later…

At the challenge, the strength of Russell’s team gave them the first win and immunity idol of the season. That team is safe for another few days… the real Russell will emerge when up against the wall of elimination.

So Rob splits his teams votes ‘just in case’…smart move.

At tribal council, Philip feels threatened and outs the idol. Huge groan. In this game, it’s more about you know than what you know. And having a loose canon will eventually sink your ship. In one idiotic fell swoop,  Phillip took out his alliance and gave the hidden idol NO power.

Francesca was the poor unfortunate, unsuspecting first contestant shipped to Redemption Island. How will she fare? It all depends on who will arrive to fight her for their spot in the game.

Overall, an interesting and entertaining premiere episode… the apex was probably the most bewildering and train wreck of a tribal council i’ve witnessed in awhile. Things are already heating up…and Russell hasn’t even begun to lick his lips over this new crop of prey.




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16 02 2011
Boston Rob

[…] it interesting. I think it's a really different concept to have all new people and then them two, bBoston Rob – I do like both Boston Rob and Russell, just because they are both great at playing the game and […]

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