Survivor Redemption Island Preview

16 02 2011

Admit it… you’re excited about the new Survivor Redemption Island. I can’t see you, but I know you’re out there. Survivor fans or reality TV fans who are licking their lips in anticipation of tonight’s premiere of the new format.

The game has changed this time around – and normally I hate messing with a winning formula, but this just sounds like an intriguing iteration of the ultimate survival challenge. This season, once you are voted OFF the island… you will be sent to ‘limbo’ or purgatory… an island between life and death. That’s right, like Justin Bieber says, Never say Never. Nothing is final. Once on this island, you will await the arrival of the next contestant voted off at Tribal council. You will then battle for your chance to return to the game…like a samurai fighting for honour, or a good old fashion duel!

Although the format has changed… the announcement came a few weeks ago, that there would be some familiar faces returning to the island this season. Survivor favourite Boston Rob and Survivor Villain Russell. Each will join a tribe, and towards an epic clash of the titans. The question is… how will their tribes embrace them… or will they? Russell has the penchant for tearing a team to shreds emotionally, and Rob has a great way of uniting a group  – what will the crop of new survivors think about the old infamous faces invading their space (TV time)?

It all starts tonight!

Tune in at 8pm on CBS/Global for the premiere

Survivor Redemption Island on CBS




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