American Idol: Group Week

17 02 2011

One of my favourite weeks on TV: The American Idol Group Week.

Hollywood: where real-lifedrama, life-altering heartbreak and pure elation collide on camera! This can only happen when prima donna solo artists fighting for their meal ticket in this town…are forced to work in a group setting. When egos clash, it makes for some great TV.

The groups made their song selections (randomly I’m assuming…?) and chose their group members. Lets remember, they havent seen the editted versions of the auditions or back stories of other contestants. They are going on availability and what they can remember from the hundreds of solos they’ve witnessed this week. So, when ‘favourites’ are treated poorly, or ousted from groups… it isnt as much a big deal to the other members as it seems to us watching at home.

Some groups failed miserably. Understatement.

How many times can the judges stress year after year… learn your words! Particularly puzzling, are the people who don’t know a SINGLE lyric and decide to make up topical lines along the way

eg: “I don’t know- the words to this song- but I’m having lots of fun -I hope you have mercy
– to the tune of Mercy by Duffy.

The fate of these singers was determined by the judges, who had no mercy! Some favourites left, like one of the twin brothers, the waitress, the throwback girl, the ex-boyfriend country singer etc.

Tonight – the group gets cut in half again…and I fully  expect to see another dose of idol-drama.




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