The Bachelor Monday: February 21

21 02 2011

My favourite Bachelor episode… Home town dates.


Because I’m a major voyeur. This is exactly why Reality TV appeals to me…I want to see how other people live. I know how I live…and I for one would NEVER want cameras to capture my monday nights. But I get such satisfaction from seeing OTHER people’s monday nights…without them knowing I’m there.

Freud me as much as you want… but tonight was a heck of a night to be a voyeur.

Brad went to each girls hometown, met family and got a snapshot of what he would ‘inherit’ with a proposal.

First: Chantel O

Girl is LOADED! WEll, at least, her parents are…the house alone was intimidating for a guy to walk into. Not to mention, the fact that her mother has obviously spent a fair amount on… ‘upgrades’, and her father pretends that he knows what it’s like to be poor and working class. Right. Overall, the date went well – Chantel is charming, and has it all together.

Second: Ashley

Lives so” North East”…she can see Canada from her house! Not only that, those French Canadian influences have crossed the border, and she indulges Brad in the delicacy… Poutine. THis girl is seriously small town… if you can believe it, she and Brad chose the lobsters they would eat for dinner with the Family…fresh. Her family seems very much liek the average family… perhaps a little too excited, but cameras will do that to people.

Third: Shawntel

Ok. We’ve all had bad dates. We’ve all had dates take a sour turn. But I think it’s safe to say that none of us have had a date take such a macabre tone than meeting and touring a Mausoleum. Shawntel is going to re-watch this episode and want to take her own life…it was that bad. When you take a scalpel to your dates navel… things aren’t going to end well. Too bad, at least the girl has a ‘real job’ and her family doesn’t have a house in the south of France.

Fourth: Emily

The one we’ve been waiting for… Brad meets Ricky. It was really  nice to see Emily’s mother instincts in their natural environment…so cute to hear her pet names, and trying to explain who ‘Mr Brad’ is, and why he brought her a kite. Lame! It was definitely awkward at first… Brad isn’t great with words, and apparently Ricky can’t be paid to act for the camera. But there was a bit of a breakthrough in the end… this gives Emily a surge ahead in the running me thinks!

Rose Ceremony:

Brad gives a rose to: Ashley, Emily (he would’ve been a HEEL if he hadn’t!) and Chantel O.

Not surprising. The funeral home date was a depressing glimpse of the future… and her Dad wasn’t giving her up to Austin Texas in the drop of a hat. An easy choice in the end.




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