Survivor Redemption Island: February 23

23 02 2011

Well, we didnt see as much of Redemption Island as I expected… but Survivor never disappoints.

Tonight, Russell started his game-play. This is not good news for his tribe mates, or anyone who might want to…win. In this case, Russell already has opposition in Ralph…a man that reminds me of HIM the first time he graced the screen. Big, unassuming intelligence, southern charm… this guy better watch his extremely hairy back.

It helps that he unwittingly fell upon the hidden immunity idol. What luck!

Over at Boston Robs tribe, Philip remains the goat among the sheep, but there’s no one Rob can’t handle. Boston Rob has this uncanny way of finding a way to connect with everyone, and assure them of their allegiances…even the nutcases.

At the challenge, Philip dropped the ball…literally and lost the challenge for the team. and that nice lil’ Christian boy had the GAUL to shake hands with the opposing tribe. Heaven forbid! He hath broken the golden Survivor rule. And hell hath no wrath like a Boston Rob scorned… this kid is in trouble.

Russell knows to look for the hidden immunity clue within the reward, and he shares it with his ‘circle’…the two skinny sheep he ropes along behind him.

So who would Boston Rob..err…the tribe, send to Redemption Island to duel with the previously ousted Francesca?

Blonde Christian Matt gets the Survivor boot…but for how long? Guess he’ll be sayin’ his prayers.



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