Wednesday Night TV : PVR Overload!

23 02 2011

When did Wednesday night creep up and usurp Thursday night on the TV Week Throne?


If you’ve got plans tonight that lead you away from your couch… you’ve got a few hours to make up a good excuse to cancel.

Tonight, you have the choice between:

2 Hours of American Idol – really, you have no choice, you HAVE to watch this show! Nigel Lithgow in his infinite reality competition show wisdom has created a new echelon for American Idol tonight. The Top 20 wannabes take the stage to perform BEATLES songs (yes, AI finally got the catalogue!) for their final push/audition. Nothing could keep me from indulging in this pleasure…

Survivor Redemption Island– except, perhaps…this show. Thank Goodness for PVR. Tonight, we will see how the Redemption Island format plays out. Currently, a lone woman has left the island for her Redemption stint, awaiting the arrival of another cast-off to fight for their lives in the game. Drama!

Criminal Minds/Criminal Minds 2 – that’s right, my guilty pleasure has grown another arm. Going the way of Law and Order, CSI and other successful ‘franchise’ shows…Criminal Minds has a new iteration starring Forest Whitaker (Oscar winner!), and CBS is airing them back to back.

and lastly… as if you weren’t already ordering in and leaving work early…

Americas Next Top Model – it’s ba-aaack! Feel like it just ended, and launched another poor waif into virtual anonymity in the fashion world? It’s useless and totally mind numbing… but it happens to be one of my favourite ways to relax after a long day of ‘real problems’. I can’t wait for more catfights, finger-wagging and Tyra-isms.

So, here’s the question for all you poor PVR-less TV Watchers (may I make a Christmas Gift suggestion?). Which show will you tune into tonight?




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