American Idol: February 23

24 02 2011

From Hollywood week, to Vegas week… This season of American Idol is a serious competition!

Say what you want about it…. but the cream is forced to rise to the top, and the weak have no backing anymore.

Gone are the days where the cute, charismatic youngin’ makes it through to the Top 32 and gets the tween vote into the Top 12. It was terrible TV, it was a waste of talent, and it was an embarrassment to the franchise.

So scrap that possibility, and bring in WEEKS of pre-competition. The contestants have been put in groups, had countless solo auditions, and now… another round.

Nigel is so pumped to FINALLY have the Beatles catalogue that he decides to milk it dry. First, he whisked the contestant from a perfectly acceptable Hollywood studio, to a tricked out Vegas theatre with props and pyrotechnics! He brought in stalin-esque vocal coaches to help the contestants, and a few recording producers to critique.

That may have been over the top, and verging on overkill… but I forgot about it all once the performances began. The Beatles music is timeless. A good song is a good song any day of the week. Each song provides the opportunity to belt it out, inject some soul, be bluesy, go whitney, harmonize, show personality, rock out Steven-style… there is no ‘wrong song’.

This round really helped me make some tough decisions about my own favourites… I’ve picked the winner almost every season (minus, of course, the Jordin Sparks debacle). So far, I’ve got my eye on a few… particularly Paul McDonald, Casey Abrahms, Clint, Haley Reinhart, Jacob, James Durban, Lauren Alaina, Tim Haperin and Thia Magia.

Ofc ourse the SHOCKER of the night as advertised… J-Lo breaks down into the ugly cry. Why? Because they told ¬†Cinderella story Chris Medina he was NOT in the Top 24! Harsh! I get it, only the best make it through…but this guy had a voice to match his heart. It’s not like he was a bad singer, or even an average singer…he was a GOOD singer, and lesser contestants will likely make it and sing a god-awful rendition of Stevie Wonder in the first round.

so yes, it was disappointing… why not make a slight concession and make a Top 25? They have built this story since day one, it’s like the hero dying in a movie (I will never forgive the Lion King!)… it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.

So tonight, more cuts will be made in the ‘hanger’. Will our favourites stick around?




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