American Idol: Top 24

24 02 2011

After a cumulative 3 hours of walking the American Idol plank, Steven Tyler psych outs, and a weepy J-Lo… We finally have our Top 24!

You know I’m no good with names. I’m terrible with names… it’s a birth defect. So here is your list of 24 BY NAME… it does nothing for me until I see them perform next week.

  1. Naima Adedapo
  2. Haley Reinhart
  3. Clint Jun Gamboa
  4. Paul McDonald
  5. Ashthon Jones
  6. Karen Rodriguez
  7. Robbie Rosen
  8. Julie Zorrilla
  9. Tim Halperin
  10. Scotty McCreery
  11. Tatynisa Wilson
  12. Jovany Barreto
  13. Lauren Turner
  14. Rachel Zevita
  15. Kendra Chantelle
  16. Jordan Dorsey
  17. Lauren Alaina
  18. Stefano Langone
  19. Jacob Lusk
  20. Pia Toscano
  21. James Durbin
  22. Casey Abrams
  23. Thia Megia
  24. Brett Loewenstern

Did you catch that?

Keep it on file for later… my favourites have already been expressed… do you have yours yet?



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