Special 2011 Oscar Predictions

25 02 2011

Are you in an Oscar pool? Have you made your predictions for winners and losers of the night?

Yes you have. everyone has. We all know Natalie Portman is going to win, and that the real competition is between the Geeks and the Speech.

But there’s more to sunday night’s Oscars than just the awards. It’s a show! It’s Entertainment! So, I will share my Oscar Predictions for the SHOW… Here’s what I expect will take place:

– there will be a musical number… you know, to show diversity.

– there will be jokes about the length of the show (quite likely with reference to the film 127 Hours.)

– Expect a copious amount of Facebook-isms (‘like’ ‘friends’ ‘network’ ‘tag’…)

– People will pretend to have seen Winters Bone

– More people will be using Facebook during the Oscars than watching it. Who’s the real winner here?

– My mother will ask me “Who’s James Franco?” and I’ll have trouble explaining why he’s hosting this year.

– People will pretend they enjoy watching the Foreign Film producers give shout outs in another language to their homeland.

– Natalie Portman is going to be HUGE. It has been a month since the last serious Award show…and she was big then.

– The new motto ‘You’re Invited’ will be shamelessly shoved down our throats

– There will be a reference to The Princess Diaries

– There will be a reference to James Franco’s alleged drug use.

– Helena Bonham Carter will not hire a stylist…again.

– Christian Bale will be the unlikeable loud guy in the room…again.

– The women in the Best Actress Category NOT named Natalie Portman will get terrible seats.

– Thin people…everywhere.

– A few iffy celebs will show up. think LL Cool J, think Mandy Moore, think Nick Cannon.

– Expect a Neil Patrick Harris sighting. He’s everywhere in this town. It’s a given.

– 23 minutes. That’s my prediction for how long this show will creep over-time this year.

And apparently some production notes leaked recently, if you care to know who the presenters are, show spoilers, and what new ploys for entertainment are being introduced… here’s the link.

Join me sunday night… I will be LIVE BLOGGING from the best seat in the house.




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25 02 2011
Oscar Predictions 2011

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